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Kind regards from Kanyakumari Jawans family to all relatives of Tamil mother. Kanyakumari Jawans is a joint effort of serving and retired army and paramilitary forces for the security of Mother India. This awareness group of ours was started on 22/02/2018 by Indian defense veteran Lexman Saju and from the day of Pulwama attack on 14th February 2019 we started traveling with the aim to do something for our motherland if we are always ready to sacrifice our lives for our motherland.

Our history

Until earlier days, it was a simple WhatsApp group called Kanyakumari Jawans, which was a group of friends from different parts of the district to exchange ideas. On the day of Pulwama attack, all the friends who were working in different parts of the country came together in a WhatsApp group to pay tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in the attack. On those days, the soldiers who were in the city on vacation held a banner with the photo of the soldiers who lost their lives in the attack in Marthandam area of ​​the district. After that all the friends in the group talked together and prepared a separate uniform for us. Along with that, the group started working towards the next level with the aim of helping the people during district development and calamities. In this, we started to plan in the group to do outreach work to protect the public habitats and improve the natural beauty of Kumari in a way that would bring awareness to the people of the district. First of all, we saw that the bus stand in many places in the district was in a very dilapidated state and was being used by drunken citizens for drinking at night as an advertisement poster. For this, as the first event to create awareness among the people (on 05/04/2019) (Clean & Green) we put forward the objective of cleanliness and green Miku Kumari and for the first time we carried out the task of cleaning the bus stand of the Kulitura area of ​​the district and brought it to the condition of being used by the public and college students. It is remarkable and we are proud that the shadow shed is as clean as it was then.









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