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Welcome to Kanyakumari Jawans

Kind regards from Kanyakumari Jawans family to all relatives of Tamil mother. Kanyakumari Jawans is a joint effort of serving and retired army and paramilitary forces for the security of Mother India. This awareness group of ours was started on 22/02/2018 by Indian defense veteran Lexman Saju and from the day of Pulwama attack on 14th February 2019 we started traveling with the aim to do something for our motherland if we are always ready to sacrifice our lives for our motherland.

Our history

As the first program to create awareness among the people (on 05/04/2019) (Clean & Green) we put forward the objective of cleanliness and green Miku Kumari and for the first time we carried out the work of cleaning the passenger shelter of the bus stand in the Kulitura area of ​​the district and brought it to a state of use by the public and college students.It is remarkable and we are proud that the shadow shed is as clean as it was then. The reason for that is the civilians who are working to maintain the sanctum sanctorum cleared by the military. )‍‌‍Especially in that area are auto drivers, business associates and municipal sanitation workers. The work done by the army men is being maintained daily and they are maintaining the shade house and the trees we have planted.‍‍‍‍To all of them we are forever indebted. In this way, in various parts of the district, we have cleaned various areas such as passenger shelter, study hall, government school campuses, district sports hall, government public health facilities, government general medical college hospital, royal palace and ancient symbols and planted shade trees for greenery in nearby places.As mentioned above, all the places where we worked are maintained by the general public and by the municipal, corporation and panchayat employees. It is also significant that no one pastes advertising posters even by mistake in the places we have cleaned.We are proud to have been able to instill patriotism and create awareness among the students about protecting public property, cleanliness and green while cleaning government school campuses.In addition, we are proud of the fact that our cleaning of public hospitals sports stadiums and bushy areas in public properties has made the daily maintenance tasks easier for the staff employed for that purpose and motivated them to do their work better.District Collector, District Superintendent of Police, Chief Officer of District Sports Department, District Health Department officials were among the awareness programs we did. It is also a matter of pride for us that all the high level officials have participated in different programs and worked with us to plant trees for greenery.

         Each of our programs is different in various ways and is doing well to create awareness among people.Respecting the rules of the road, insisting on the mandatory wearing of helmets by bike riders, protecting public property, protecting nature and encouraging everyone to live a patriotic and selfless public life goes a long way.In addition to this, in order to encourage the students who are interested in sports in the district, on the Independence Day of August 15, 2019, we conducted athletic competitions for the school and college students of the district and gave large incentive prizes.Similarly, on December 26 Tsunami Remembrance Day, all those who were vacationing in Kuchachal area gathered and paid tribute to the victims of Tsunami.This year on Pongal day, we made an opportunity to spend time with other elderly people and children with their families.








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